Gamify Your Community.

The engagement app that turns members into superfans.   

The Power of Drip

Drip makes your community a better place to be. Watch how it works:

Enjoyed by 1,799,476 members across 785 communities




Real Engagement

We don’t reward for spamming messages. This is real engagement that drives deeper connections within your community.


Member Retention

Drip gives your members reasons to come back by making the community a fun place to hangout.


Twitter Activity

Our native Quest Engine rewards your community members for engaging with your brand on Twitter.

“Drip removed all the friction”

“The Apple of Discord Bots”

How it works

Hundreds of communities use Drip to make their community a better place to be.

Quests Your Way

Drip Quests are powered by your economy. So members want more Points to do cool things with.

Engagement Economy

Communities crave economies. Members can earn and spend their points in nearly unlimited ways.

“A spectacular onboarding, rewarding, and growth stimulation tool”

Good WEB3 UX

Drip solves for user experience. Instantly integrate your NFT collection or on-chain token into Drip to reward holders.

Game Together

Communities that play together, stick together. Members can play social games with their hard-earned points.

How to get started

Drip is applauded for instant and seamless integration into new and existing communities


Inviting Drip takes a single click. Be sure to whitelist the bot if you are using Wick.


Our famous two-click setup has users raving about the user experience.


You will quickly fall in love with the experiences you can build using Drip.

Built for Builders

Designed to be easy and scalable. Founders, developers, and community managers love Drip.

Developer API

Take points beyond Discord into web apps, games, and more.

Embed Builder

Design a beautiful community, right inside of Discord.


Create rewarding onboarding flows for newbies.

Permission Control

Choose who can do what inside of your community.